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The Path of Islam

Date posted: July 26, 2017


They’re here … 20 diseases ‘refugees’ have brought to West

Date posted: July 23, 2017

  Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD- (WND) “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore,” goes the Emma Lazarus sonnet memorialized at the Statue of Liberty. Well, the wretched … Continue reading


Minneapolis: Muslim Cop Executes a White Woman

Date posted: July 18, 2017

For no apparent reason a  woman was shot and killed by a Somilia police officer.  Read the full story here-> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4705022/Woman-shot-dead-cops-calling-911-report-RAPE.html



Date posted: July 11, 2017

Christian slapped with $12,000 ‘Shariah fine’ for not removing shoes Posted By Leo Hohmann On 07/09/2017 @ 3:14 pm In APP Frontpage,Faith,Front Page,Money,World John Alabi of Ontario, Canada, fined for offending his Muslim tenants by not removing his shoes when … Continue reading


Republicans Would Be Democrats Without the Conservative Wing

Date posted: July 9, 2017

It’s taken just about 150 years for the Party of Lincoln to become a mirror image of the Democrat Party.  It’s taken about 150 years for that same Party to forsake its basic principles of liberty as the Founding Fathers … Continue reading


Some Chilling truths About Immigration

Date posted: July 7, 2017

From a Speech in 05 but very relevant today!!- We know Dick Lamm as a Democrat Governor of Colorado from 1975-1987. In that context his thoughts are particularly poignant.  Last week (05) there was an immigration overpopulation conference in Washington, DC, … Continue reading


Sweden- Near chaos in immigrant neighborhoods

Date posted: July 5, 2017

As the European Union continues its absurd push for the hasty relocation of Syrian migrants, one member nation is facing unprecedented perils. In Sweden, the Syrian refugee crisis has been an absolute nightmare.  Lawlessness and violence are the new norms … Continue reading


More Islamic ‘Contributions’ to the US

Date posted: June 28, 2017

ICE Raids Dozens of Convenience Stores in MASSIVE Move… But Look What the Media’s Hiding   by Top Right News on June 1, 2017   by Brian Hayes | Top Right News- President Trump unleashed ICE once again this week, this time deploying its Homeland Security Investigations … Continue reading


Clergy and Businessmen arrested for child sex trafficking

Date posted: June 27, 2017

A months-long investigation into child sex trafficking has led to the arrest of hundreds, including community leaders, clergy, and elite businessmen. -By Matt Agorist – June 23, 2017- Los Angeles, CA — As bogus news pushing the divisive two-party paradigm about … Continue reading


My Name Is Viktor Maelvikoff

Date posted: June 25, 2017

Several weeks ago there was a knock at the front door just after dinnertime.  We weren’t expecting anyone and I cautiously opened the door to see what appeared to be a homeless man standing on our porch.  Our doorbell camera … Continue reading