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ISIS In Minnesota

Date posted: January 18, 2018

When news spread that former San Diego City College student Douglas McCain had died in battle in Syria — making him the first U.S. citizen to be killed fighting for the Islamic State — the investigation quickly pivoted close to … Continue reading


Judge dismisses case against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his sons

Date posted: January 16, 2018

by David Montero- It started four years ago, when Cliven Bundy and his sons refused to pay federal grazing fees and stared down government agents in an armed standoff outside their Nevada ranch. The Bundys dared the federal government to … Continue reading


Biggest threat to freedom is Corporations, not government

Date posted: January 14, 2018

WND EXCLUSIVE- Tucker Carlson on who American right should be worried about; For generations, American conservatives have been taught to defend free enterprise at all costs. Any hint of regulation of major corporations has been regarded as inevitably leading to … Continue reading


Why Do 57% of Americans Want More Government?

Date posted: January 9, 2018

Every day, like vultures circling a fallen prey, they descend upon the centers of political power with their hands outstretched and without a hint of compunction or embarrassment, they beg, lobby, or riot for what they consider to be their “fair” portion of the … Continue reading


Catalonian Independence & the EU.

Date posted: January 7, 2018

From the print edition of The New American. Written by  Charles Scaliger – On October 30, a small band of fugitive politicians arrived in Brussels, Belgium, seeking support from the European Union for their dramatic bid to form a new … Continue reading


Guess What’s Racist Now? Farmers Markets!

Date posted: January 1, 2018

By Onan Coca  January 1, 2018-  Just in case you haven’t been staying abreast of everything that’s racist these days, I thought i’d step in and give you a head’s up. Sure, you know that supporting Donald Trump is racist, … Continue reading


The Strange Suicide of the West

Date posted: December 27, 2017

by Bob Bennett– Published on Dec 20, 2017– You may not be aware of it, but Europe is dying. More accurately, it’s committing suicide by Muslim migration. For perhaps a decade, the EU has admitted far too many Muslim migrants. … Continue reading


Whistleblower unmasks corruption by Feds in Bundy case

Date posted: December 23, 2017

Finally, a whistleblower inside the Bureau of Land Management, details much illega l and unethical behavior in the Case against Clive Bundy. A Washington State Representative has turned the information over to the Trump Admin and Dept. of Interior. The … Continue reading


Saudi Curriculum in American High Schools

Date posted: December 22, 2017

December 5, 2017 Jamie Glazov  This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Dr. Charles Jacobs,the president of Americans for Peace and Tolerance. Dr. Jacobs discusses Saudi Curriculum in American High Schools, unveiling the meaning of “Jihad” in Newton. Please … Continue reading


When Older Americans Die Who Will Speak For Freedom?

Date posted: December 3, 2017

The results of the 2016 presidential election tell the story from the exit polls.  18 to 29 year-olds went 55% for Clinton.  30 to 44 year-olds went 50% for Clinton.  45 to 65 year-olds went 53% for Trump and 65 … Continue reading